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BIMvision : length of beam

Length of a standard steel beam is NOT a property? ifc coming from certified Revit

It is a property. It is called Qto_BeamBaseQuantities.Length:

It is up to the vendor and the MVD whether or not to fill it in.

I should be in it.
(Not as choice.)

To be clear, it isn’t in Pset_BeamCommon, which is what you are showing. Do you have Qto_BeamBaseQuantities? Also, are you using Revit 2021 with the open source from here? ( - that is the certified version. If you are using that, and the quantity is missing, send us your little model and we will investigate.

I don’t know what ifc exporters and options were used to make it. And i do not t have the native, why would i?. Just very suprised (as a reciever) this basic property is missing in action. Why is this a ‘writers choice’ ? Is it?

Sorry, it’s on the tab ‘location’… i should have looked further. My bad

Hey, but this is bouding box length? That could be something totally different.
It still got me Lost. Sorry. I’ll send you the ifc Angel

That bounding box length, width, height is a separate concept. There is also the possibility that it is actually generated by the viewing software and not actually included in the IFC itself.

What @angel.velez is saying is that you’re currently viewing a property set called “Pset_BeamCommon”. If it were stored, it wouldn’t be stored there, it’d be stored in a “quantity set” called “Qto_BeamBaseQuantities”. Depending on your IFC viewer, maybe you need to click on another tab to look for it.

Try import it using the BlenderBIM Add-on - in the object properties tab you’ll see pretty quickly what data is and isn’t included.

It’s always a writers choice to decide what data is in the model. It is the project and local rules to decide what should be stored and when. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach. There may be some sane defaults (which buildingSMART calls MVDs), but at the end of the day, it is generally not a fault of IFC, and sometimes not the fault of the authoring application, if the user has disabled it. For example, something as simple as a beam length may only be qualified at a particular project phase, or legally only quantity surveyors may quantify it, or maybe beam connection details haven’t yet been detailed, resulting in shorter or longer beams, or… etc.

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