Regulatory Information Requirements

The project was started to address the growing interest worldwide in improving and automating the regulatory compliance process. This project will ensure that the regulatory information requirements, common across many jurisdictions have an appropriate representation in IFC, whilst leaving jurisdictions free to add local information requirements and implement their own checklists and rules.

As part of national digitalization projects, many countries are currently investigating the use of IFC in regulatory processes. For example, in Finland the Ministry of the Environment is preparing regulations obliging the use of IFC in the building permitting processes and in Estonia IFC-based system for similar use is already being developed.

‘Regulatory Information Requirements’ will extend the present set of project and in-use information requirements to include the common requirements to support third-party involvement such as government, mapping authorities, regulators and similar bodies.

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The RIR (Regulatory Information Requirements) is looking for national or best-practice properties and property-sets. All examples welcomed!

Because there is no contract nor negotiation in the regulated-regulator relationship, it is particularly important to get these standardised at the buildingSMART/ISO level, even if the way the national regulations use them varies.