IFC Development Monthly Call - 19 November 2020

Greetings buildingSMART Technical Community,

The next meeting will be 19 November 2020, 14.00 GMT


Constraints and IFC

Topic Summary:

How do we deal with Constraints on/in IFC?
Should requirements be represented within or outside the IFC schema?
Are ‘data’ requirements and ‘real’ requirements mainly similar or mainly different?

This will include reviewing a generic view on requirements (and checks), experiences from mvdXML, the IFC Constraint model, RASE as a methodology, BuildingSync and Schematron, and regulatory checking…

Presentations by:
Nick Nisbet, AEC3
Matthias Weise, AEC3
Nicholas Long, NREL
Ted Summer, Devetry
Thomas Krijnen, AECGeeks

There will be room for questions and discussions after the presentation. The call will be 2 hour this week.

Community members are invited to offer presentations on the subject. Please submit your ideas in response to this Topic so we can coordinate. Also, reach out to technical@buildingsmart.org at least a couple days before.

IFC Development Monthly Call

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As usual, the meeting will be recorded and a link posted for anyone to view later. If there are any questions, please let me know.

I consider it appropriate to create an abstract class “Constrains” and two objects “Regulatory and technical requirements” and “Business requirements” within the framework of the main IFC scheme. This will allow you to compare the General - state regulatory requirements and functional Customer’s requirements with the elements of the information model. This will also allow you to define rules for checking for compliance with these requirements. An additional argument in favor of including these elements in the IFC scheme is the possibility of using the information model as a method for long-term storage of information. A model containing such data can be processed in 50 years without additional links to external sources.

Recording for this session can be found here:

Links from chat
Here is a link to the Schematron project’s github repo that includes multiple schematron instances: https://github.com/buildingsync/testsuite

And an example instance: https://github.com/BuildingSync/TestSuite/blob/develop/schematron/v2.2.0/v2-2-0_L200_Audit.sch

Per Nicholas Long:
We use this in what we call the BuildingSync Use Case Selection tool which is a web application to validate/verify that the instance of BuildingSync meets the required use case. This example is an ASHRAE Std 211 Level 2 energy audit.

Are the slides of the meeting going to be shared?