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BRAINSTORMING – How to increase Institutions engagement in Open BIM

We all know that Open BIM standard will improve tremendously the regulatory compliance management, but to boost its adoption we should consider expectations that regulated firms and regulatory bodies have of an effective process implementation and prepare a message to support their expectations.
Regulatory Room roadmap and several discussions in bSI highlighted the need to foster institutions and regulatory bodies engagement indeed.

I am the Regulatory Room Steering committee member delegate for communications, and I’d like to start here a thread to collect stories, opinions and ideas to support future actions and messages to increase communications and enhance across contamiantion.

This thread would work as an early “marketing” brainstorming, where we’d like to ask everybody to openly post what they think about the topic. So, we’d be very pleased if everyone in bSI would help us in ansering the following question

What do you think could help and which message we should use to foster Regulatory engagement for Open BIM adoption?

Not only ideas, but real experiences and simple descriptions of how it works in different countries will help too.

Of course, opinions form members involved in regulatory bodies or institutions will be particularly welcome.

Please, spread this message with friends, the more we share the best we could communicate.

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In 2006 a “Statement of Intent” by several national building bodies gave buildingSMART and IFC a long-awaited boost. I think a similar “Statement of Intent” could be shared and supported by governments and regulatory bodies that they will (only) support openBIM and openReg formats for submittals and long term archive/resources. This would generate the impetus for rule engines and compliance checking tools and for generative and parametric design tools.

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