Proposal for monthly "IFC Development" Calls in 2020

I would like to propose a monthly webinar for “IFC Development” matters. As we look to expand the ISG meetings to include more of the technical community (including research, academia, room and project leaders, and independent developers) and transform the technical expertise of buildingSMART to being more proactive and responsive and less reactive or passive, we need to improve the flow of communications.

I would like to propose the third Thursday of every month, at 7:00 am (Austin) US Central Standard Time / 13.00 UTC/GMT (London) / 21.00 China Standards Time (Beijing).

Alternatively, if there is enough interest from our Asian-Pacific colleagues, I would be open to hosting two meetings, one at 8:00 am US CST / 14.00 GMT and one at 9:00pm US CST / 11:00 am CST [Friday] (Beijing). This might make the timing easier for everyone with two audiences at more convenient times.

Please reply and let me know if one or both proposals work for you.


@jwouellette thank you for this. Increased transparency and community outreach is extremely important.

Either works for me. I would love to join.

13:00 GMT works fine for me.

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This would be a great thing to do, I’m very keen to attend.

I’m with Jan Erik.

Sounds good. Both options work for me.

Sounds awesome. Both times work for me.

Keep me in the loop please

Great initiative @jwouellette - I will try to wrangle some Canadian collegues to attend! (Both options work)

I like the idea and I prefer 13 UTC

@jwouellette this is a great idea and would like to attend. 1300 UTC works best for me :slightly_smiling_face:

@jwouellette thanks for this. Both options are fine for me.

Hi, This is a great idea! I’m in New Zealand so an Asia Pacific timing would suit me.

Hi, would be great for me. Time proposal is fine.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Sounds like a great idea. Please keep me in the loop when ready to start

The alternative time works better for me.

Thank you

@jwouellette, third Thursday of January is this week :slight_smile:
Will you setup a call?

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I think I’d better shoot for next week, in this particular case, given the holidays and lagging feedback. I’ll post details soon.

Being it will be the first such call, it may be more introductory and general orientation than tackling a particular agenda. I’ll talk to @berlotti.


I propose a classification of upcoming topics based on time-to-usage:

short-term 1Y
topics expexted to be used in several real building projects within one year

mid-term 3Y
topics expexted to be used in several real building projects within three years

long - term 10Y
topics expexted to be used in several real building projects within ten years
e.g. distributed CDE, semantic web

Would love to join! :smiley: thanks for organising