Proper way to access translations of IFC entities?

When you browse the HTML version of the IFC documentation, you get access to the explanations and translations.

However, the XSD or Express schemes only contain the main English entities and attributes. Propertysets are in external XML files and the translation terms are… somewhere else?

I understand that the documentation is generated from IfcDoc which is used to organise the schema and edit the descriptions. I was under the impression that the bSDD would help us to access terms and their translations. But I cannot retrieve them anymore.

Is there support for translations of terms in the current version of bSDD?

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Yes, @stefkeB . It is an ongoing project within the bSI regarding entity translation in several languages using an efficient digitally-based method. Our chapter is also collaborating with it. I suggest you ask @jwouellette and maybe he can provide you update info about its current progress.

The official translations are developed and maintained on

Publication of approved translations are published on GitHub, in bSDD and through an API.

Translations can be provided by everyone (feel free to help!).
Chapters are organising proofreading.