Call for Supporters! The definitions of EnumsTypes in the Ifc Documentations pages should be multilingual

Dear All,
your support is needed!

Some chapters localize parts of the documentation into their local languages.

The localizations should appear on the documentation pages on, e.g. on this page:

Their should appear tables with natural language names for this elements:

  • Type definition
  • Enumeration definition Constant
  • Enumeration definition Description

All the localized terms and definitions should be published also in the bSDD. To ensure the identity of the content, there coul be an link from the HTML-Documentation to the corresponding page in bSDD,…
Klaus Aengenvoort

For more details visit or contact Klaus.

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what’s the best way to support this? :wink:

Dear Thomas,
thank you for your interest.
Currently by liking following post at the GitHub:
If you know German, then you could also support us with the proofreading…
All the best,

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