Where can I access the BSDD?

I came across this link: http://lookup.bsdd.buildingsmart.com/ - however, upon searching for an entry in the “Ifc4 PropertySet” category, I come across Pset_FurnitureTypeCommon: http://lookup.bsdd.buildingsmart.com/#concept/browse/3hQNE0qUWHuO00025QrE$V

As you can see, it is missing the field Reference as documented in the latest IFC4 version: http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/ifc/IFC4/Add2/html/schema/ifcsharedfacilitieselements/pset/pset_furnituretypecommon.htm

What am I doing wrong? Is this the wrong BSDD? Is it out of date? How can I access the BSDD proper, as the link on the BSI homepage takes me to a dead end.

(Edit: after I posted, I found the right URL as http://bsdd.buildingsmart.org)

The documentation points to http://bsdd.buildingsmart.org
I can access the API using http://bsdd.buildingsmart.org/api/4.0

E.g. request list of languages

E.g. request the version of the bSDD

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There is an interactive “swagger” page available at

When I try to search for a term, with the “Search” endpoint
I get an error “404 Not Found”. It seems that that page tries to use the request URL
whereas the API states that it should have used

There is a prototype bSDD v5 available as well. Contact me for more info.