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IFC Documantation

I start to learn about IFC file , IFCDoc software and every information about IFC . I am very beginner and i have several questions. please help me.

  1. I saw clip : that published with building smart and when i right click on ifcSpace the assign model view button doesn’t appear and i don’t understand what’s the problem.
  2. please Introduction several references to learn about IFC and how to create IFC file.

If I understand well what you are asking, then I suggest, in my opinion, this is by far the best resource to learn about IFC, once you understand how to navigate through the diagrams it becomes clearer and clearer.
If you are a developer, then one tool -to generate or edit the IFC- (as I am using it) is, its a C# library. There’s also this python library but I haven’t used it.

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thank you.
Your guide was very helpful for me
about problem1:
on site: there are seven clip about learning IFCDuc software. in section 3 , he said right click on “ifc space” and select “assign model view” but when i right click i don’t have “assign model view”
picture 1 is my app and picture 2 is about section3 :


This has been altered quite some time ago. The documentation should definitely be updated on this.

Not sure if there are any resources available for this though. Me and @jonm are currently working on an updated version of IfcDoc where some new functionalities will be added again which are not documented. I realized this is a big issue. We have to talk about this in the IfcDoc team I guess.

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If you want to modernize IFC schema, please wait then.
First of all we should work on IFC schema and then develop IfcDoc or any other IfcX solution based on

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How long does it take to solve this problem?