Where to obtain IfcDoc toolkits

Hi, everyone!

I am currently in search of the IfcDoc toolkit, and I’ve encountered some difficulties accessing certain websites.
Unfortunately, the following links appear to be invalid:

Page not found · GitHub
Page not found · GitHub
Page not found - buildingSMART Technical

Additionally, websites referenced in previous discussions seem to be inactive for obtaining resources, such as:
New IfcDoc tool web pages and links - Developers / IfcDoc Tool - buildingSMART Forums
IfcDoc - New Release - Developers / IfcDoc Tool - buildingSMART Forums

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or updated information you can provide.

Thank you for your attention, and best wishes to all!

Hi @shihangzhang,

IfcDoc is no longer a bSI-supported tool. There are some people who continue to use it for their own purposes. I’ve tagged them to see if they can respond.


@shihangzhang you can contact me. Atm I do not have a public package but am planning on creating one. Maybe I can help out beforehand.

Hi @sergej,

I wanted to express my enthusiasm for IfcDoc; it seems like a fantastic tool, and I’m eager to incorporate it into my current projects.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate it on GitHub.
Would you be willing to share it with me or provide guidance on where I can find it?

I appreciate your assistance in advance.
You can also reach me at shihangzhang@tju.edu.cn.

Thank you very much!

Best regards

Dear @jwouellette,
Why it is not supported by bSI. and what is the alternative for IfcDoc?
Thank you in advance,

That was a decision by @berlotti.

The toolchain for developing IFC and its documentation is different and can be found on the bSI GitHub site.

You’ll need to contact @sergej about an independent version of IfcDoc.