Multiline text parameter not displaying in IFC 4

I have a Multiline text parameter from Autodesk Revit which I have filled in the values but the parameter nor the values are not showing on IFC (IFC 4) exported from the Revit. I have tried all I could, I hope someone could help.

The name of the IFC parameter is “AirFlowRateRange” under Pset_AirTerminalTypeCommon.

This was covered in the Revit-IFC GitHub.

Please could you write the link where it was covered in the Revit-IFC Github, here so that I can go through the link.

I was the one that posted the topic to Github. You will see that its the same username on both forum :), and I have not been able to solve the issue with the answers provided. Thats why I also posted it here to widen the search :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that :slight_smile: Ihor will be the one that can help you solve the problem, he recommended that you add three shared parameters in Revit 2022 and that that worked for him when he did it.