Supported data type - VolumetricFlowRate - m³/h


I have a few questions about my export IFC from revit, for MEP.

1. Is it possible to get my flow from ducts in m³/h?
VolumetricFlowRate is in m³/s, so is there maybe another option?

2. Suppose I get my flow in ducts to m³/h, the flow in my pipes should be l/s.
Is there any possibility to solve this, cause its the same name parameter…


It is more a Revit question than an IFC one.

Although I think you should not focus on the unit your flows are stored in. It is the job of the IFC authoring tool or viewer to show flows in the unit you like. Whatever in what unit you see your flows in Revit they are still stored in the same internal units.

How is it more a revit question then an IFC one?
Doesn’t matter how I change the unit in revit… For extracting IFC from revit, I only can pick one of the supported IFC data types, and there isn’t a single one with m³/h.

But even if there is one… my question nr 2 would still be a problem. And yeah that could be more a revit issue then IFC issue.
Although… maybe there is another way that I haven’t found yet