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Market data about investments into BIM software


for quite some time I’ve been trying to search some information about how actively companies around the world are investing into BIM related software. Being more specific how active are civil engineering construction companies? All I was able to find was some general headlines which never led to some details. Perhaps someone here can provide some information about how fast BIM in construction industry is growing?

Hi Jonas,
Not sure, if this is what you are looking for, but here are some resources giving a brief overview:

I have also seen postings on LinkedIn and somewhere, where companies try to sell market analysis reports - if you are willing to spend money, you could also look for those?


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Hey Robert,

thanks a lot for your reply. Actually this is very relevant. Would you be so kind to share at least one of those market analysis reports on Linkedin? I actually don’t mind purchasing one of them for a decent price.


Hey Jonas!
Well, I think I did not save the links, but did a quick search through my feed and this came up, maybe it helps:

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Hello, Robert,

thanks a lot for the info!