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Links exportation with IFC Model 2x3 in ArchiCAD

Hello everybody,
I have the pleasure to ask for your help with my little problem with my IFC Model of a fortification restoration project (heritage).
The project was modeled in ArchiCAD 21 and I would like to export an IFC model with PDF documents links to some elements in the model, how can I do that ? For example I want to export the detailed plan of a vault as a PDF file linked to that element.

Thanks in advance, any contribution would be much appreciated

If your PDF’s would be drawings, then it might be an idea to look at the capabilities of Revizto! This software is good at combining drawings, documents and 3D models. The model as platform and a way to browse and visualize information. Not just a replacement for drawings.

Thanks for your reply @Hans_Lammerts
I have just took a look at the capacities of this software and it looks like a good idea, thanks again.
Waiting for other possible solutions and ideas