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revit export ifc links to pdf

Hi all,
I’m pretty new of revit ifc export, and i wanna link some pdf file to revit istances and mantain this relation in ifc export.

I linked some pdf files to my revit model, i’m trying to export in ifc the model with the link, but there is a problem with link, it appears in ifc properties but the revit link lost his attributes of link and remain only as not quite useful value.

Thanks for any suggestion

I’m not aware of Revit supporting the ability to associate documents (IfcRelAssociatesDocument). So you may be out of luck.

You may use the BlenderBIM Add-on for this, I believe, it’s free and open source. - if you enable the native-roundtrip setting, you can preserve all of Revit’s parametric geometry. Simply import, add the document associations you want, then export.