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IfcSpatialZone and Graphisoft's IFC4 Architectural Reference Exchange EXPORT certification

Hello everybody.

On one hand, since Graphisoft Archicad already finally got (in 2019) the IFC4 Architectural Reference Exchange EXPORT buildingSMART certification, and on the other hand, IFC4 Schema already introduced the IfcSpatialZone entity, as a user I wonder about the role of this class within the software certification process.

Here you can find my asked question within the Archicad technical forum:

I would like to know which is the level of control within the certification process in order to ensure the availability of using this entity from the certified process in a particular SW.

Thanks in advance,


Dear @daviddelven,
just for you information. There is also an ongoing work for an activity proposal (currently under review by SCE) to improve workflow and usage of the IfcSpatialZone, within the bSI Building Room. The initiators are @Yoshi_bSJ and Gianluca Genova. They have presented their work at the 2nd bSI Virtual Summit last week.
See Building Room Session 4 - Projects Update
b) Potential Use Cases of IFC Spatial Zone
Presenter(s): Gianluca Genova & Yoshinobu Adachi
All the best

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Hello, Mirbek!

Yes, thanks! I already followed their presentation during the virtual summit.
We need to push vendors to improve this implementation. I totally sure that the proposed activity, once approved, it will help towards that goal. It is a quite promising entity.


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FYI, inside the IFC Rail Implementers Forum we are testing the concepts of spatial structure, together with the IFC Rail stakeholders and engaged vendors. Many use cases proposed by the stakeholders make an extensive use of the IfcSpatialZone concept. This is just to confirm that the demand for implementation is high, at least from infrastructure point o view.


Hello, Evandro!
Fantastic news. High demand in this expression.
We also hope that the traditional building domain also take advantage of that entity, not just infrastructure ones.
Thanks for the feedback.