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Dear IFC-Team,

I’m writing on behalf of bSI ifcSpatialZone WG in Building Room. We have reviewed comments on further important types related to Spatial Zones from chapters (Germany with Working Groups for Hospital Construction, Transportation, Laboratory Planning, Industrial Kitchen Planning (also supports bSI WG FM & openBIM); Norway; Japan) and our working group . Herewith we propose following additions:


The spatial zone is used to represent a medical purpose area (e.g. Surgery, Testing Center, Biohazardous Zone etc.)


The spatial zone is used to represent a laboratory specific zones (e.g. Lab Classes maybe Biological, Virologic, Nuclear etc.) or TecBox, a place folder for Lab Equipement, Experimental Stand)

Cultural / Architectural Heritage

The patial zone is used to represent Architectural or Cultural Heritage area, restricted to changes or modifications.

Cadaster (Surveying)

The spatial zone is used to represent surveying area

TFA – Treated Floor Area

(e.g. for Building Energy Simulations)
[unless goes as type under Thermal]

Catering/Industrial Kitchen

The spatial zone is used to represent a Catering and Industrial Kitchen areas or Placeholder for Kitchen Equipment

Military and Gov. Restricted Access Zones

[unless if it goes under Security]

Customs / Toll Collection

[unless goes as type under Transpot]

Speed Limit Zones

[unless goes as type under Transpot]

Dimension restriction Zones for Vehicles

[unless goes as type under Transpot]

Greetings on behalf of the WG.

Mirbek Bekboliev, bSI BRSC

P.S. Like it was requested I have tried to extend that over GitHub and here is a Link Update IfcSpatialZoneTypeEnum.md by mirbekbekboliev · Pull Request #362 · buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development · GitHub

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x2 More types might be also useful for Landscape planning.




That was also mentioned in our class and object catalogue of the WG Transportation Routes by buildingSMART Germany.

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Interesting work!

I would just like to inform that the Norwegian National Standards Committee “SN/K 518” is currently working on a national standard for zone types (will probably emerge as NS 3457-6).

This standard has a table (informal) for mapping of the zone types to IFC4, using the IfcSpatialZone entity with the ObjectType attribute for naming of userdefines types, and the IfcSpatialZoneEnum Predefined types (many of them have to be USERDEFINED as the IFC 4 defined predefined types are scarce).

This is still “Work in Progress”, but the current (draft) main categories are:

A. Cadastral Zones
B. [no] Zones for public area planning, zoning, legal utilization and formal restrictions
C. Ownership zones
D. Zones for area an volumes types
E. [no] Zones for use types
F. [no] Zones for registration of use for specific purposes
G. Temporary zones for use in design and construction
H. Technical zones
J. Protection zones
K. Access and lock zones
L. Zones for the safeguarding of information security
M. Logistics Zones
N. FM and Operations Zones

Those marked with [no] are considered to be specific to Norwegian conditions. Chairman of the SN/K 518 committee ( SN/K 518 (standard.no)) is Mr Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen (mailto:kib@digitalmedbim.no). I am also a member of the committee.

FYI: A small snippet of a draft for the Category A here.


Dear @fmohus ,

thank you for your response.

The list we have consolidated with Mr. Bakkmoen, who has joined one of the ifcSpatialZone WG Sessions. The list we have revised one more time, which will be published along with the technical report. We took into account some of above mentioned items. Yet bSI Community should decide on its outcome. We will list those only as a recommendation for extension so far.