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IFCRoad PhD research


I am a surveyor and geomatics engineer and a PhD student in second year in Morocco and I am interrested on working on the IFC extension for Roads projects.
I am actually searching for persons to get some help on answering some of my questions about this topic:
1 /where can I find the ifc road schema or documentation that I can read it and undertand what is already developed in it??
2/ do someone have an idea about some issues that can be fixed in this or other new schema extension to develop that can help implementing BIM on roads projects??
I already work on some roads projects but it is not respecting the IFC schema.

Thank you for your interest.


Hi Sara

Thanks for getting in contact with us.

Send an email to: infrastructure(at)buildingsmart(dot)org and I can give you access to the IFC ROAD published information.

Sergei Muhic @sergej is invoved in the project and should be able to respond to your other questions better than I.

Kind regards,
-Andrew Sheil
Infrastructure Room administrator


Hello Mr. Sheil.
Thank you for your response.

Ok I Will contact the infra room.

Have a good day.


Hi Sara,

the best start is the recently published IFC Road requirement analysis report. You will find it in the IFC Road published information that Andrew will share. After that, I would invite you to participate at the next IFC Road expert panel (Andrew can invite you) where the progress of the project will be discussed. If you decide to participate at the expert panel, you will be invited to provide feedback on the project deliverables such as the conceptual model (next step) and the proposed schema extension.



I am interested on your panel.

I will wait for Adrew’s document share.

Thank you.