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Im trying to use ifc as a means to share the results of a structural analysis - for instance with clients who want to be able to fully scrutinise the results but dont have access to the analysis software.

My software (Bentley’s STAAD in this case) will produce a great ifc model but will not export the results as well.

I know that ifc supports the ability to capture analysis results with an ifc model using the IfcStructuralAnalysisDomain but has anyone actually done this? If so what software was used or did you have to create some kind of custom exporter to add your results to the ifc file?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Dan,
There’s a few implementations to exchange the basis of the model for Structural Analysis exchange, but I haven’t seen too many that included results.
There is a sample that has some results in the documentation.

Which analysis application do they want to view the results in? I’ve implemented tools to interface with various applications including using ISM for Bentley. I can consider what might be involved to support results exchange.


Thanks for the reply.

I want to carry out the analysis myself and then allow others to view it using ifc or even ‘append’ the information to an existing client held ifc model.

I use ISM for Bentley currently as the means of getting my analysis model into ifc but it doesnt take the results with it.

So in terms of viewing the results its not analysis software but something like Solibri or Autodesk Viewer / Forge that i would like to get the results into.

I would be interested to know your view on the level of work that would be involved to create a tool to support results exchange.