IFC Rail Project (Phase 1 and Phase 2 )Shared Information

In 2017 CRBIM and 7 European Rail Infrastructure Managers decided to step in the development of a common strategic concept and implementation strategy for the digitalization of rail infrastructure under the flag of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) idea to bring the digitalization of Rail Infrastructure one step further. IFC Rail Phase 1 was completed by March 2020 and Phase 2 starts from April 2020.

The Steering Committee is led by representatives from SBB, CRBIM, Trafikverket, FTIA, MINnD, SNCF, RFI, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, followed by Bane Nor and Bane Danmark for Phase 2. The Steering Committee facilitates the project and activities of the room, including overseeing the IFC Rail workshops and online meetings of the domain groups and technical services, leading the room sessions at bSI Summits, interacting with the Standards Committee.

This project has five objectives:

  1. Extend IFC Infrastructure Schema;
  2. Contribute to IFC Common Schema development
  3. Build on international consensus
  4. Take into account iterative works with complementary data and IFC developments
  5. Early deployment & testing in software

For more project information and deliverables, please go to http://ifc-rail.knowsitall.info/

Interesting! Curious how far this workgroup has come. The pdf not readable from mobile at my end.