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IFC for waste


How would you classify a garbage container?
I will just leave this picture here :slight_smile:

Proxy with a UserDefined for waste disposal?
Since it is a component that the majority of buildings must have, it would be nice to have something common instead of a proxy.

IfcFurniture comes to mind:
Ifc 2x3:

Ifc 4:

The Filing Cabinet Pset looks especially usefull.

This is new… waste is now a part of the decoration :slight_smile:

Since these elements are a part of a building and each one that houses people is equiped with waste disposal containers such as the one above. They differentiate from their own properties if they are flammable or built out of metal. They have different capacities in Litres and also the can be defined for different sort of waste: paper, organic, plastic, metal, etc.

In addition there are mandatory regulations on how many of these components and which types a building should have.

So I don’t think that this can be defined as a IfcFurnishing.
In my opinion it needs an extension to define all these properties.

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In my language, Catalan, but also Spanish, the “Furnishing” is called “Mobiliari” or “Mobiliario”, meaning something “movable”.

Which part of this definition does not match, regardless “furnishing”, with the garbage container? -->

"A furnishing element is a generalization of all furniture related objects. Furnishing objects are characterized as being

  • pre-manufactured and assembled on-site, or
  • manufactured on-site (built-in)

Thus furnishing elements can either be movable, or not (as the built-ins)."

But, if your comment comes from the trend of having these types of equipment as mandatory ones and part of the building services, then you are right, and probably they should be assigned to some MEP system. But, IfcDistributionElement subclasses:

This IfcDistributionElement is a generalization of all elements that participate in a distribution system. Typical examples of IfcDistributionElement’s are (among others):

  • building service elements within a heating systems
  • building service elements within a cooling system
  • building service elements within a ventilation system
  • building service elements within a plumbing system
  • electrical elements
  • elements within a communication network

don’t seem to fit that purpose.

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I would guess this is covered by IfcWasteTerminal, PredefinedType WASTEDISPOSALUNIT.
I see that this is intended for something a bit different, so maybe USERDEFINED and then specifying in ObjectType?
An alternative would be to use a IfcDistributionElement and group it in a IfcDistributionSystem, PredefinedType MUNICIPALSOLIDWASTE.

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Just be careful here, I see some confusion. Furniture and furnishing are not the same thing. While one might argue that a movable waste container is a type of furniture, it is definitely not furnishing. For what it’s worth, I think being part of a waste handling system makes more sense.


I would still suggest that we need special classification for this case.
Using USERDEFINED or even to name it Furnishing does not seem quite appropriate.
Why not a new entity such as IfcWasteContainer?
They could have material definition, space requirements and properties such as Description, Status, HandicapAccesible, Flamable, Nominal Width x Height x Depth and all the necessary Environmental, Manufacturer and Waranty subjects.


Hi @agron! For small dustbins, I’ve classified them as IfcFurniture. I completely agree that given the importance of waste management, specific classification of them warrants something better.

One more suggestion to add to the mix, which may not apply to your scenario. These may be part of IfcConstructionResource, specifically IfcConstructionEquipmentResource under TRANSPORTING.

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