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I can not add entities to the mvd

I just went through the Tutorial Videos and started to build a new mvd( loaded the ifcdoc file ,added a new mvd and data exchanges). when I am going to entities to add them to the corresponding mvd by right clicking on them, I just get “Insert attribute” option, not the “Assign model view” option that appears in the videos.
Can any body give me a hint of what I am doing wrong,please?

Hello Kaveh,

the tutorial videos are kind of outdated in the new versions of the IfcDocTool entities are added differently than in the videos.
When you added a new mvd under Scope right click it -> insert -> Table Definition
After you added it you can name it as you like. When you left click on the new Table Definition you can see a window on the right side saying “Double-click to create mapping.” Follow this instruction and you can add any IfcEntity.
To understand the tool better, import a baseline definition and study the predefined MVDs and see how they accomplish things.
I hope this helps.

Best regards


Great!I managed that with your advice and will look into other mvds.
Thanks a lot for the swift reply!