IFC editor, authoring, georeferencing tool


New to this forum and i already learned a lot thanks to all of you.

I am architect, urban planner and BIM specialist, working in a big firm in Paris.
I started my IFC journey last year and i m starting to have a basic understanding of how thinks work in general.

At our office, we are going full open source and free modeling BIM. We are trying to build up our workflow on flexible softwares (such as rhino, blenderBIM, UNREAL and so on) because we think that parametric BIM modeling softwares are way to rigid (even though they bring up a lot of efficiency in the construction process).

I was wondering if i could get any advice regarding any tools you guys use to work directly in 3D with IFC files. (does not matter if software is web based or not).
In a similar way things work in generic 3D software UIs.

I am looking for a tool capable of :

  • Authoring ifc files (based on 3D models generated from rhino for example)
  • Edit IFC properties directly in 3D view
  • Edit IFC site properties, georeferencing, and model positionning
  • Convert 3D files to IFC (inject all required IFC data into a generic 3D file)
  • View and edit IFC CLASS

I already know of :
Simple BIM
MKS DTECH BEAM (for rhino)
VISUAL ARQ (for rhino)

I know this is a huge topic, since 3D modeling files formats and IFC are two very different things. But i also understand that there has been a lot of progress in the past years, aiming towards free-modeling BIM, open source, flexible data exchanges…

If any of you know any tools that fit in the descriptions below, please let me know.

You can find more information about a variety of applications that support IFC here:
Software Implementations - buildingSMART Technical

The BlenderBIM Add-on is capable of all the functionality you’re asking for :slight_smile: - and I use it daily for those types of tasks. https://blenderbim.org/


Hello Raouf,
One product to add to your list is https://www.qonic.com/ It is not yet released but is already promising in its ambitions: enrichment of IFC data and integrated modeling features will be available. And it is web based. We are currently testing a Beta product and are already excited.