bSDD Hackathon - full agenda now available

The agenda for the bSDD Hackathon to be held in the first week of March is now available.

You need to register your participation: Meeting Registration - Zoom

The agenda is as follows (all times in UTC):

Wed 3rd March Topic Presenter
8am Overview bSDD main use-case Frédéric Grand
8:30am Overview bSDD data model and compliance to new ISO and PDTs Frédéric Grand
9am Walkthrough bSDD new API without authorization Erik Baars
9:30am Presentation: the Sketchup plugin technical overview Jan Brouwer
10am Walkthrough tutorial to create the main use-case (without authorization) Frédéric Grand & Erik Baars
11am Homework / challenge: create the plugin by following the tutorial Frédéric Grand & Erik Baars
12pm End of session
Thur 4th March Topic Presenter
8am Presentation of homework/challenge results by vendors All attendees
9am Presentation: how to internally place bSDD content so it ends up correctly in an IFC export Frédéric Grand
9:30am Challenge: authorization Erik Baars
10:30am Presentation: use case of adding classification codes to IFC Model semi-automatically by using links provided by bSDD Frédéric Grand
11am Presentation: Data Templates idea into bSDD Wolfgang Wilkes
11:30am Presentation of GraphQL API Madhumitha Senthilvel
12pm End of session

Thanks to @danlittle the recordings from the bSDD hackathon are now available.

For those who could not attend or want to know more on how to use bSDD, here are the links for the 2 days:

bSDD 3 Mar: 2021 bSDD Hackathon: Day 1 on Vimeo

bSDD 4 Mar: 2021 bSDD Hackathon: Day 2 on Vimeo

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