bSDD Hackathon - full agenda now available

The agenda for the bSDD Hackathon to be held in the first week of March is now available.

You need to register your participation: Meeting Registration - Zoom

The agenda is as follows (all times in UTC):

Wed 3rd March Topic Presenter
8am Overview bSDD main use-case Frédéric Grand
8:30am Overview bSDD data model and compliance to new ISO and PDTs Frédéric Grand
9am Walkthrough bSDD new API without authorization Erik Baars
9:30am Presentation: the Sketchup plugin technical overview Jan Brouwer
10am Walkthrough tutorial to create the main use-case (without authorization) Frédéric Grand & Erik Baars
11am Homework / challenge: create the plugin by following the tutorial Frédéric Grand & Erik Baars
12pm End of session
Thur 4th March Topic Presenter
8am Presentation of homework/challenge results by vendors All attendees
9am Presentation: how to internally place bSDD content so it ends up correctly in an IFC export Frédéric Grand
9:30am Challenge: authorization Erik Baars
10:30am Presentation: use case of adding classification codes to IFC Model semi-automatically by using links provided by bSDD Frédéric Grand
11am Presentation: Data Templates idea into bSDD Wolfgang Wilkes
11:30am Presentation of GraphQL API Madhumitha Senthilvel
12pm End of session