General Assembly of Implementers meeting - full agenda now available

The ISG has been merged with the MSG. Development of standards is now done by teams that focus on a release. All developments come together twice a year during the General Assembly.
The agenda for the General Assembly of Implementers meeting to be held in the first week of March is now available.

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The agenda (time is in UK time zone):

Mon 1st March Topic Presenter
Session 1: IFC 4.3 1pm IFC 4.3 progress update Christophe Castaing
2pm IFC 4.3 Deployment process and quality checking Léon van Berlo
Session 2: IFC certification and quality control 3pm IFC 4x3 example files Štefan Jaud
3:30pm IFC 4.3 alignment and implementer forum Peter Bonsma
4pm IFC 4.3 Software Certification Matthias Weise
4:30pm BIM Tester+ Evandro Alfieri
Tue 2nd March Topic Presenter
Session 1: APIs 1pm Major changes in BCF 3.0 Georg Dangl
1:30pm First impressions from the launch hackathon / CDE-APIs Pasi Paasiala
2:00pm Document API Wim van der Poel
Session 2: Future IFC 3pm IFC 5 IFC 5 task force
3:30pm ifcJSON update Dennis Shelden
4pm IFC 5 geometry kernel Sergej Muhic and Peter Bonsma
4:30pm Software certification: experiences and future suggestions from vendors Jorulv Rangnes
Wed 3rd March Topic Presenter
Session 1: Certification & Validation 1pm BCF Certification Greg Schleusner
1:45pm Mitigation Service Léon van Berlo
2:15pm bSDD validation tool Johan Luttun
Session 2: Open floor 3pm Floor open for discussion All attendees

All recordings of the General Assembly for Vendors and Implementers are now online at General Assembly of Implementers - buildingSMART International