BSDD session at LDAC (mid-June 2023)?

Surprisingly, there was quite a lot of interest regarding our work “Semantic BSDD” (see Semantic BSDD).

  • One of the LDAC 2023 summer school cases (supported by bSI and Ontotext) will be on improving BSDD data.
  • And we’ll present a paper at the LDAC conference.

I’ve had some in-depth discussions with J.Beetz (RWTH) and H.M.Bohms (TNO; of RoadOTL, SML and CEN TC 422 fame).

A common idea is that BSDD is a crucially important central resource, yet a lot can be done to improve its data.

  • Can we have a session dedicated to BSDD at LDAC 2023? Maybe on Fri afternoon after the official closing?
  • Does it make sense to make a mailing list of people interested to work on the topic? Where? I could easily set up a google-group.
  • Or maybe we can have a couple of online sessions before mid-June?

(sent by email to LBD W3C group, @pipauwel , @jakob.beetz , @MichelBohms , @berlotti , @Erik.bSDD , @artur_tomczak and a few other people).

Please comment here or at Vladimir Alexiev, PhD, PMP on LinkedIn: BSDD session at LDAC (mid-June 2023)?


Thanks Vladimir! I think the session on bSDD at LDAC is a nice idea if the organizers agree :slight_smile:

I think this forum and GitHub issues are good channels to discuss those matters. I’m up for online meetings as well. I wouldn’t start a mailing list.

Join the #LDAC2023 session on #BSDD 14 June 2023 14:30-16:30 to discuss the evolution of #BSDD and the future of #semantic #interoperability in #AECO.

2*4 students will work on the Ontotext+buildingSMART #BSDD Challenge GitHub - SSoLDAC-2023/Challenge-Data_Dictionary to improve BSDD #dataQuality, #interoperability and #connectivity. Hopefully continuing Ontotext’s “#Semantic #BSDD” work (see Semantic bSDD).

Discuss the agenda at BSDD session at LDAC (mid-June 2023)? - #2 by artur_tomczak, on Linkedin Vladimir Alexiev, PhD, PMP on LinkedIn: #ldac2023 #bsdd #bsdd #semantic #interoperability #aeco #dataquality… or Twitter

Important discussions at

Thank you @VladimirAlexiev.

We will have 2h for that session, but of course we could continue the discussions after as well.

I was thinking of starting with my brief intro to the bSDD and the ongoing improvements (~15min), followed by slides with just one sentence presenting the issue to be discussed with participants. The list is mostly inspired by undecided topics from the Ontotext’s report. Here is a live spreadsheet with status/solution for each: bSDD issues from Ontotext.xlsx

Topics to discuss at the bSDD session at LDAC
  • How to structure URIs of the bSDD relations (not to confuse with ontology relations) Changes to bSDD data model names - #15 by artur_tomczak
  • Is there a need for custom, user-defined relations in bSDD?
  • Gradual content development versus binding contractual references. How to maintain relations, translations, and versioning in such cases?
  • Envisioned role of bSDD for the Linked Data community.
  • Possibilities for automating content development, finding relations, data analysis
  • Possible use of bSDD by AI, e.g. LLM.
  • Linking existing ontologies from bSDD
  • bSDD as a repository of external dictionaries/ontologies
  • 4.6.4. Add More Entities Semantic bSDD
  • 4.9. GraphQL Improvements (and possibility to reuse Ontotext’s improved GraphQL) Semantic bSDD
  • 4.6.3. Improve Relations Between Entities - are the proposed solutions enouh? Semantic bSDD
  • 4.1. Return the Same Data Across APIs Semantic bSDD
  • 4.6.5. Use Class Inheritance Semantic bSDD
  • Do Units, ReferenceDocuments, AllowedValues, Enumerations need their own entities/URIs?
  • Improvements in RDF format, e.g. strings with URIs instead of object properties or proper relations
  • Support for external namespaces (URIs from outside bSDD)

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Please vote on the topics you want to discuss, feel free to comment and propose additional topics below.

As suggested by @MichelBohms, it would be good to record the session and invite the online audience too. I already asked the organisers.

Thanks @artur_tomczak for these topics! But I’m the first one to vote on them: let’s advertise the session in our networks! Can you get more bSI people to advertise it?

Re “Possible use of bSDD by AI, e.g. LLM”: see this video Natural Language Querying with GPT, SOML and GraphQL (Ontotext Last Friday 2023-05-26) - Google Drive where ChatGPT writes GraphQL for me

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That’s because it’s been only 3 minutes since I published it :wink: Good idea!

We had some technical challenges, but luckily the recording captured most of the discussions:

bSDD session at LDAC-20230614_144346-Meeting Recording.mp4

Here are brief minutes of the meeting:

  • Ontotext report - status

  • ongoing refactoring of bSDD data model

  • how to treat inheritance of properties

  • need for improvements in JSON/GraphQL schema

  • workflow for immutable URLs, and the lifecycle of the content - now explained in the docs and being implemented in bSDD: bSDD/Documentation/bSDD import at master · buildingSMART/bSDD · GitHub

  • envisioned role of bSDD for LBD community

  • need for new entities - yes to some, rest not needed or can wait

  • todo: check unit list for compliance with QUDT

  • language fallback logic

  • name as a code in URI - pros and cons

  • “follow your nose” possibility - now being implemented

  • deployment of systematic GraphQL (e.g. Hasura)

  • todo: add possibility to refer to latest version

  • how to build URI for classification relation/property

  • renaming physicalQuantity to QuantityKind similarly to SML

  • todo: bSI to provide better explanation of relations, e.g. HasPart means “typicaly has a part”

Probably the next occasion to discuss bSDD will be at the Summit in Lilestrom.