General Assembly of Implementers Agenda (September)

The agenda for the General Assembly of Implementers meetings which will take place from 6th-8th September is available below (all times in CET).

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Mon 6th Sept CET Topic Presenter
Session 1: Current IFC & BCF developments 11am Update on the progress of IFC 4.3 Thomas Liebich
11:30am Update of the Software Implementation of IFC 4.3 Peter Bonsma
12pm Validation of IFC files by the IFC Rail Implementers Forum Evandro Alfieri
12:30pm IDS developments Robin Drogemuller
Session 2: New API & projects development 1pm BCF 3.0 (and Foundations API 1.0) Pasi Paasiala
1:30pm Documents API project Georg Dangl, Yoram Kulbak
2pm Update from the ifcJSON Development group Dennis Shelden
Tue 7th Sept CET Topic Presenter
Session 1: Software Certification & UCMS 11am Using Gherkin for ‘white box’ software certification Dion Moult
11:45am IFC Documentation management Thomas Krijnen
12:15pm Use-Case Management Service update Thomas Glättli
Session 2: bSDD content overview for content providers 1pm Update of latest data structure (and JSON input) Erik Baars
1:30pm Launch plan overview (endorsed tools, existing domains, etc) Frédéric Grand & Léon van Berlo
2pm Explainer: how to get your content in before launch Frédéric Grand
2:30pm Q&A All
Wed 8th Sept CET Topic Presenter
Session 1: bSDD API overview for Software vendors 11am Update of latest status of the API Erik Baars
11:30am Launch plan + ‘official endorsed tools’ Frédéric Grand & Léon van Berlo
12pm Overview of current content Frédéric Grand
12:30pm Q&A All
Session 2: Any other topics (open house) 1pm FM Handover – Equipment Maintenance - Technical Update Bill East
1.30pm Ravi Peters - PDT with bSDD demo Ravi Peters
2pm open
2:30pm open

Hi @danlittle,

Assuming that all the meetings and presentations are being recorded, when will they be made available and where will the links be?

Hi Jeff, yes all meetings are being recorded. Links will be available ASAP - aiming for early next week - and I will post on the forum as well as sending an email to everyone that registered. Thanks!

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The recordings and PDF copies of the presentations from the General Assembly of Implementers are now publicly available via the buildingSMART International website. Many thanks.

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