BIM samples or examples

anyone know if exist BIM samples or examples to download? I mean an entire project and not just 3D modeling. (3D, budget, assembly, details, sections, calc, simulation, and anything necessary for a complete project)

I want to study all specialties. (Architectural, Structural, MEP, and everything necessary)

I suggest you get in touch with Ryan from but if you want everything in open data formats then you might want to ask on where we work on creating such a full pipeline based on open data formats.

(if you’re not interested in open formats then buildingSMART forum is the wrong place to ask about BIM)

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We’re collecting open data sources on the OSArch wiki: - it includes the openingdesign project files. However, not all are in open formats.

It may be a little tricky, as there are many formats, some more open than others, and some more used than others, which may not correlate.

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to both thanks, I tried to mark both answers as solutions but the forum just allow me to choose one.

I found this one a while ago, but I’m not sure if it contains complete projects or just 3D models:

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thanks a lot to everyone.

this forum is awesome