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BIM Awards and Feedback

Dear BIM Awards Commitee,

First of all, I want to thank you for giving the possibility to have such a prestigious award like the bsI BIM Award and thank the jurors for doing their job. Each year has more and more competitors trying to demonstrate their work and involvement in the developing industry.

There is just one small critique to the organizers that has be going on in my had since the last year’s awards. I simply believe the whole community would appreciate more feedback concerning the entries. The 2019 awards have been made official some days ago and probably a proper description about their entries will soon be published. But what about the others that took part and did not go into the finals? Don’t they deserve a validation of their entries? Are the use cases not enough? Did they write to little? Where the images not interesting? Feedback is always helpful, since as the saying goes: If you lose, analyze the mistakes and be better next time. There can be much answered.

I am aware that there are many entries for so many categories, but writing three sentences per entry from each juror is something doable, or?


I agree with you, @agron. I remember conversation about this topic in some meetings of the former IUG. In my opinion, there is a need in our communitty to have some repository or showroom where we are able to filter different openBIM use cases, awarded and not awarded, especially those also those ones, as you mention, that applied to the competition but didn’t achieved the highest scores. Maybe @jwouellette or @jan.karlshoej have some news about this.