BCF and JIRA as issue tracking cloud-based app


Is there someone who has tested the following development of running BCF issues in JIRA?

Hi David!

Online you will find a story of Sweco developing an integration from Autodesk Forge to JIRA mainly for the purpose of issue management, equivalent to BCF. Check forge(dot)autodesk(dot)com/customer-stories/sweco But of course it will not work with BCF, really.
If you or your users or clients work with standard BIM authoring tools, there is BCF plugins available to issue management software, which works pretty good. The linked Githup-Page mentiones using Navisworks.
For some reason I cannot paste links here … so just google:

  • BIMcollab BCF Manager for Navisworks
  • BIM Track integration for Navisworks

Guess that is the fastest way to make use of it.
Anyway, or what kind of goal do you have?

Hello Robert!

We already know the different plugin for BCF, even native tools for ARCHICAD like Markup tool, and so on. The focus is to find some alternative to BIMcollab as a cloud-based BCF issue management platform, as we saw in Github that JIRA approach only let us to attach the BCF as any other file format. So, in the end, we are creating another container of files…

But, so far, BIMcollab is propably one of the best ones.

We’ll keep on searching.


Rather than using BCF files as such, we use a BCF server which sits alongside. The commenting an issue tracking is all within JIRA while the model details are in the sepearate server (linked with common id)

We CAN export BCF files at will that combine the data and ingest any changes sent back, but in practice moved away from them as a primary exchange format simply because who needs more files floating around? Our teams use whatever BCF clients they have in whichever tools they choose.

The server runs to the buildingSMART/BCF-API Schema.

This is a copy of the original work done by Case Inc. and was open sourced after Case were bought by WeWork. Arup created a branch of this and have developed a much more mature version which they use on many projects.