BCF logo on main buildingsmart.org site?

I think we might be missing the BCF logo on official pages about the BCF format.

Here are some pages where I would have expected to find it:

Where it is used:

May I suggest it is added to the main website? It is important branding to have a logo that people can recognize. I will add the one from github to:

I was going to upload the icon but maybe I don’t have rights? It doesn’t work for me.

Hello Duncan, I have updated the bSI main website with the logo.


@Duncan_Lithgow But we should remember this [image], Captura de pantalla 2022-02-23 151751

meaning that BCF users or promoters (not developers) will use a different logo.

@aidan.mercer What should we do in Chapter bcf-related projects (non-development) ? Which logo?


I think that in most legal contexts that ‘usage rights’ text only applies to marketing material. Basically to stop people pretending they can do something they really can’t. In the context of discussing basically anything (software, films, books) limited use of graphics seems to not be a problem that I’ve ever heard of.

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@aidan.mercer it would be great with some fair-use clarification here.