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Why are door and window attributes special?

They use a IfcPreDefinedPropertySet. Is there a reason why they are not regular property sets?

Edit: this also raises the question of unnecessary GlobalId attributes. Should they need one?

You pointed your finger on a “vitally important” area

I think maybe these IfcPreDefinedPropertySet entities were for “examining an idea”
The idea was/is something like what I introduced as Globalized References and Design Transfers [Here]

A good program/project/standard should support:

  1. Convergence (Standardization) --> IfcPreDefinedXs, etc
  2. Divergence (Non-Standardization) --> Templates, Psets, etc

The idea behind the GRVs & GDTs is Convergence & Divergence too

If we look at IFC schema, we recognize that it has developed from old CAD days and mainly is a 2D based approach: IfcDoorLiningProperties

I propose an alternative idea as a 3D approach
A GRV is a standard 3D context which is a reference to develop a lot of GDTs

buildingSMART International in ProductPass (a reserved .org domain) extension develops a standard 3D Building Information Model for a Door as GRV and manufacturers can use this as a reference to develop their own Door Products and add those Standard Doors in ProductPass Data/Information bank

Then AECOO companies just need to search the product bank, find appropriate brand and door they need and add it to their local information system

P.S: Some content creator companies like NBS, BIMobject, etc can develop these product contents as partners of this open organization