IfcMaterialConstituent --> IfcMaterial (Material Attribute) <-- Archicad Building Material / Surfaces


Does someone who has generated exchanges from ARCH by testing with IFC 4 ADD2 RV 1.2 Export-Arch (approved) within Graphisoft Archicad could tell me if it has managed to get a window occurrence (IfcWindow) that has a unique/main IfcMaterial attribute (from the IfcMaterialConstituent) and an IFC-based viewer (IFC 4 compliance) shows it? (link to MVD’s IfcWindow, in particular, → https://standards.buildingsmart.org/MVD/RELEASE/IFC4/ADD2_TC1/RV1_2/HTML/schema/ifcsharedbldgelement… )

As Archicad users already know, window/doors/opening related objects have just surface names assigned, which is an “appearance” feature, rather than an “information” one if we consider them built from a parametrical process.

I appreciate a bit of light from those who have already played with IFC 4 ADD2 RV 1.2 Export-Arch official MVD.

Any further ideas, @hkreienbrink or some HU GS HQ colleagues?

Kind regards,