Where to access OWL serialization of the IFC 4.3?

Hi everyone,

there were news recently that the OWL serialization of the IFC 4.3 is available.

I expected it to be published as the prior version in one easily reachable TTL file.

IFC 4.3 is however published in more documentation like style with the note that it is needed to set the correct MIME type. After sending a request on the main page asking for a text/turtle response nothing is returned. Asking for specific class or a property returns linked data content, but it is not in the usuall format but instead represented through a bsdd:Namespace and with bespoke predicates, which to be honest is not really useful for me at the moment. The question is therefore, how to reach the IfcOWL version of IFC 4.3 that is similar to the IFC 4 or IFC2x3?

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I wasn’t aware. Can you share that?

While I first found out about it on a LinkedIn post, since it exists on the official buildingSMART IFC specifications page I figured that it must be true (SS below).