Ifc Flat Data

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I need 2x3 and 4 as flat data. So i struggle a little bit with the data i get from ifc specification. The problem ist to get the properties out of the official status. My goal is to get the data like this.

IfcEntity Types I PropertySetName I AttributeName I ValueType

Unfourtantely i can not upload a screenshot. Is there someone who can give me some advise wich table contains the data i want to extract?


You mean a bit like this: IFC4.3.x-output/IFC.json at master · buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-output · GitHub ?

But then for 2x3 and 4?

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@berlotti Thanks a lot. That looks promising. This datastructure is what i am looking for, for official Ifc2x3 and Ifc4.

The json file is really heavy and the import in BI failed.

There are some efforts to put it into a google Docs or excel. For example: https://twitter.com/AlexDNesbitt/status/1339478996463992832
That might help as an intermediate step.

Getting IFC 2x3 and 4 into the new maintenance system is part of a larger movement to get IFC into a more modern environment. Same goes for publishing into the bSDD: 2x3 and 4 are on the todo list, but we have prioritised IFC 4.3 for the moment (for obvious reasons I hope).

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@berlotti Thank you very much for the link. That looks great.

I now find a way to export the schema ifc2x3 and ifc4 over an autoring software (Archicad Graphisoft). But in this case i am not sure if they implemented the schema exactly correct.

The more i work with the schema, the more i see the need for flat ifc data output.

My work will go in this direction as shown in the screenshot. Maingoal is to create an Ifc Navigator within PowerBI. If someone is interest to get the flat data structure, let me know.

You might find this discussion interesting on .ifc conversion to CSV and JSON.

Hello @Christof, I am looking to something similar to what you have done here.
I need this to create a database structure that can be queried, to generate EIR.
Would you share your CSV tables?

Hi. At the end i cancelled my project. I saw some huge difficulty how the data is structured in Ifc 2x3 and 4. I now work with Schema navigator from DDS…