Usage of data dictionary

Is anybody using the data dictionary in a real-world usecase? Or has implemented in their tool some way to connect to the data dictionary?

I am aware of an implementation in BIMSync. Any others?

Oh, also the bSDD API lookup links are broken in the latest IFC 4.2 online spec.

I am interested too.

Not sure if that helps but in the Infrastructure Extensions Deployment: Project Planning (Workshop 2) the implementation you are talking about has been shown in a video and uploaded here along with the other documents of the workshop.

I am interested too.

@Sigve ping.

An email was sent to and with no reply.

Who is the best person to contact?

Hi Dion, sorry you haven’t got a reply. I’m not working for buildingSMART anymore, so didn’t get that email.

Another company that are using bSDD in their software is coBuilder.

@chiholau or @berlotti could help you out if you have questions regarding bSDD.

bSI with other partners like GS1, and others like IBM and Oracle, and some others like coBuilder work on PDT which it seems that PDT/PDV will be an alternative for bSDD

As I mentioned in another post, almost 70-80% of IFC is related to IfcElement/IfcProduct and its presentation and representation

Kind of. DDS-CAD software use it, but not online.

Hi @michelangelo ,
BuildingSMART is no longer using sharefile, the link is now broken. Do you know if the material you were referring to can still be found online ?

Hello @SylvainMARIE, I do not have the link to the previous video but anyway it was refering to the old bSDD implementation. bSI is pushing a new set of API (v5) which you can see in action in a (new) video here. More info on bSDD Github project!

Thanks @michelangelo

@All, see also the incoming in March: bSDD Hackathon - buildingSMART International

So great news! There is now a 100% free and open source bSDD library part of IfcOpenShell! Soon, hopefully we will see some implementations in the BlenderBIM Add-on and FreeCAD to join the party.

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