Validation Service Updates

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In this thread, we will inform you of planned and recently released features of the bSI Validation Service. We will cover new platform features as well as new rules implemented.

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:mega: v.0.6 - Release Note

April 22, 2024

  1. Faster and more reliable platform infrastructure
    Migrated the platform from Flask + RQ + Redis + PostgreSQL to Django + Celery + Redis + PostgreSQL, resulting in increased resilience, improved performance and better scaling options. It builds upon a strong foundation with a “batteries included” philosophy to quickly deliver new functionality - for example API services, background tasks, reporting and administration.

  2. Prerequisite check on official IFC versions
    Gateway check to ensure the uploaded IFC files use one of the official IFC versions, preventing further validations in case they are not.

  3. New rules
    Benefit from 17 new validation rules, including 12 focusing specifically on IfcAlignment and 1 rule on industry practices. All rules, other than syntax and schema checks, are available here.

  4. Easier rule authoring for developers
    Simplified rule authoring processes make it easier to customize and create rules tailored to specific requirements.

  5. Checks of Industry Practices
    Introduced industry best practices checks that provide warnings (not errors) on common practices and sensible defaults. See Industry Practices.

  6. Introduce validation outcome codes
    Validation outcomes (pass, error, warning) are now categorized and assigned to outcome codes. This allows for improved overall metrics for the IFC files being validated.

  7. Introduce ‘Not-Applicable’ status for rules and bSDD
    Previously, there wasn’t a distinction between rules passing on instances from the model versus rules not failing because the relevant data was not present in the model (or schema). For example, a rule that checks the segments of an alignment, is never relevant to an IFC2X3 model, and only relevant to an IFC4.3 model, when the model contains IfcAlignment entities. This distinction is now visible in the reports.

  8. Basic documentation
    All README files and other documentation from the code repositories
    have been combined into a single location and can now be viewed at Any corrections or suggestions can be proposed via pull request to the /docs folder in the gh-pages branch of the validate repository.

While this upgrade is aimed at improving performance, scalability, and reliability, the migration to a new infrastructure and to a different data model comes with a necessary change: all current validation reports will be deleted with the release of the new version.

We encourage you to take advantage of these enhancements by validating your files again to be checked against the updated rule set. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you receive the most up-to-date and complete validation reports.


:wrench: v.0.6.1

May 02, 2024

  • Bug fixes
  • Rule fix: SPS002
  • Minor improvements

:wrench: v.0.6.2

May 13, 2024

  • Rule fix: PSE001
  • Minor improvements