Validate git repo update for v0.6.3

Will the new Validation service v0.6.3 version of change be available in the git repo? : GitHub - buildingSMART/validate: buildingSMART Validation service


The main branch of buildingSMART/validate always corresponds to the most updated version deployed at (0.6.4 at the time of writing).

If you want to stay updated on the latest release, turn on notifications :bell: on this page Validation Service Updates - buildingSMART Forums.

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Hi, I pulled the latest buildingSMART/validate with main branch, and after I use the " minimal set of services via Docker Compose", I am still seeing the v0.6.2 version of the validation service.

@xiaolongzheng thanks for spotting this. There were some un-pushed changes in the Footer file. We’ll fix this asap.

Be assured that you’re using the latest version (0.6.4), regardless what the footer says. The proof is the number of rules being checked.

@xiaolongzheng just synced 0.6.4 upstream, let me know if you run into anything else