State of ifcowl ecosystem

Inspired by recent (56) Making the Built Environment More Effective | Betting Big on Link Data with Håkon Reisvang - YouTube and @Moult `s comment.

Is there software that extensively uses ifcowl to solve some problems?

In my impression, most of the recent effort in the linked data groups have concentrated on Building Topology Ontology and the various extensions. IfcOWL as an ontology is/was probably too monolithic, unidiomatic and unperformant (too many indirections, property sets don’t make much sense in a schema-less serialization format, …) I think there’s reasonable alignments and converters between IfcOWL and BOT.

I’ve had success with the available IfcOwl converter, and have established conventions with Brickschema to link to and from IFC. I wouldn’t really call it “solving problems” though, as it is such a niche topic so far removed from the realities of the data quality issues we are facing.