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Question about Fire Suppression Terminal Type Enums

Hi there! I’m going over the installation-type enums, and I have a question regarding the IfcFireSuppressionTerminalTypeEnum, specifically SPRINKLERDEFLECTOR.

Looking back the previous versions, SPRINKLERDEFLECTOR has been around since at least IFC2x3TC1, and is currently still in IFC4.2.

When would I use SPRINKLERDEFLECTOR (in my eyes a part of a sprinkler), when we have the SPRINKLER Enumeration? Looking at the Psets, there is a specific mention of Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeSprinkler, further enforcing the idea that SPRINKLER is the correct Enum here.

Perhaps this is a similar situation like the deprecated WCSEAT from IfcSanitaryTerminalTypeEnum, but without the description actually mentioning that it should no longer be used?

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good point, I think that the analogy to WCSEAT holds. It also seems to be a duplicate to the HasDeflector property within Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeSprinkler.

it should be a candidate for deprecation.

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