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How to categorise electric strikes, IDF panels, egress paths, and more?

A few objects which I’m not quite sure which IFC class they belong to - some perhaps straightforward, others a little less so. Some are also outside of my domain, so perhaps they are easy for others? Looking forward to your confirmations / best guesses?

  1. - my best guess is IfcSensor with PredefinedType of CONTACTSENSOR.
  2. - perhaps something under IfcFlowController?
  3. - seems to be IfcAlarm, but what would the appropriate PredefinedType be?
  4. - I think it’s IfcSwitchingDevice with PredefinedType of CONTACTOR?
  5. Egress paths - Perhaps IfcBuildingElementProxy with PredefinedType of PROVISIONFORSPACE?
  6. Load bank - No idea?
  7. Fire hydrant boosters - Perhaps IfcCompressor with PredefinedType set to BOOSTER?
  8. Air pressure maintenance devices - No idea?
  9. Pipe sight glasses - perhaps IfcDistributionChamberElement but with which PredefinedType?
  10. Pipe clamps - Perhaps IfcDiscreteAccessory? Which PredefinedType should it have? It isn’t a mechanical fastener - since it is a clamp, not the bolts that hold the clamp together.
  11. Tundish - I think it’s a IfcPipeFitting with PredefinedType set to ENTRY, or an IfcWasteTerminal, but which PredefinedType applies?
  12. Vent cowl - not sure?
  13. Rainwater outlet filter cover - not sure?
  14. UV disinfection system - uh, some form of filter? Not sure?
  15. VAV box - some form of IfcFlowController, but not sure which one, or which predefined type. Perhaps it’s a control damper?
  16. Access panels - an IfcDoor? But we don’t put them in door schedules, if they are in the ceiling should they be IfcCovering with type CEILING?
  17. ATM machines, ticketing machines - Some form of electric appliance, so an IfcFlowTerminal subtype?
  18. Signage - they come in quite a few forms. Are they IfcFurniture or in some cases IfcCovering?