Public systematic protocol with bSDD from an end-user point of view

Is there a systematic protocol for proceeding with bSDD at the current level of service maturity from an end-user point of view?

I know there is the github markdown section bSDD/ at master · buildingSMART/bSDD ( with all the details on how to deal with bSDD API, but not sure if we should consider that an end-user approach at this point.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @daviddelven, good question!

The answer depends on who you define as an end-user, since bSDD can be used for many things.

The bSDD is meant to be accessed through API, which doesn’t mean that end-users need to know how to use API. It is made so that software vendors can provide their users with plugins that draw data from bSDD. See example use cases here:

For end-users who just want to browse the bSDD content, there is also the search page, which you’re probably familiar with: buildingSMART Data Dictionary Search (bSDD)

If by end-users you mean those who contribute and manage their data in the bSDD, we have a workflow for that. There is a management portal of bSDD, and the workflow is described here: bSDD import tutorial. Not sure if it stands up to be a protocol that you asked for?

By the way, today we have migrated all the documentation to a separate Documentation folder on github for easier access.

I’m the newly appointed product manager of bSDD. I look forward to hear your ideas or feedback on the bSDD. Let us know on the forum or contact me directly at

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Hi @artur_tomczak ,

Thanks for your prompt answer. Nice to know through your reply that you are the new Product Manager of bSDD. I didn’t know there was that position. It is a good symptom! Congratulations.

My concern is essentially the third category from yours:

From a constructive point of view and a helping will, I’d would say that there is a need to spot/reference that bSDD import tutorial to the main bSI Website and not just on a GitHub website/repository. We all know that it is publicly available and so on. Still, nowadays, other industries, less technical than ours, use the communication layer with end-user at a proficient level that is difficult for others like ours to replicate such an excellent level.

For instance: imagine that my chapter (bS Spain) must address a stakeholder/member request regarding their will to link a custom/local taxonomy into bSDD. In order to provide a consistent/professional answer to that request, there are different actions to perform. Still, one provides a list of end-user-oriented resources besides a second/additional, more technical one. Right now, there are only, regardless, some interesting demos shared by @berlotti over the last few years but oriented to general understanding rather than providing a practical hands-on procedure.

This is the bullet point list of things I’d like to find at a glance:

  • bSDD Infography, for general information that includes links to different maturity level resources.

  • General Video explaining the bSDD use case from the perspective of that end-user we are talking about here. (contributor).

  • Technical step-by-step video explaining the bSDD Import process, as it is described on the Github section you’ve shared.

  • Link collection of the different shared demo videos shared so far and adding the corresponding context description due to the bSDD version used when they were published publicly.

  • Website section including the bSDD Roadmap, the one it is also shared during the bSI Summits it would be fine.

And a final general request:

  1. We should never forget that K.I.S.S. approach that usually dutch friends, but not just them, apply to many of their initiatives when we communicate highly technical services or standards, such as bSDD.

I am very happy to know you’ll be focused on this since there are different future initiatives we can develop from the Spanish community through our Chapter.

I hope you can find this feedback useful to keep evolving the valuable work that bSDD folks have been doing all this time and sometimes live in the shadows.




Hi David, I want to let you know I remember about your post and agree that we need such materials. Given my limited availability to work on bSDD, the number of priorities, and the fact that I wanted to get to know the bSDD better both from the technical and practical perspective, it takes more time than I would like.

Good news, we have prepared many sessions on bSDD for the Summit in Rome next week, and some of them will be recorded and available after the event.

We plan to update the bSDD landing page and materials, but I also consider GitHub as more than just the repository of technical documentation. It is also a great platform for open and transparent communication about the product with change tracking. There you can also find links to recordings of presentations on bSDD: bSDD/ at master · buildingSMART/bSDD · GitHub

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That’s great, Artur. I’ll attend some of them in Rome.

See you there!