Pset_Uncertainty usage

Can someone give me an example of how Pset_Uncertainty would be used?

The geotechnical team prepare a stratum model. They attach Pset_Uncertainty with Horizontal uncertainty set to 2m but vertical uncertainty set to 1m. The architect creates a 9m grid but the land surveyor adds Pset_Uncertainty with Linear uncertainty as 25mm. The engineer designs 25 piles of varying depths depending on the depth of clay in the geotechnical model. How deep should each pile be, given the drilling is has horizontal uncertainty of 75mm. If anyone believes the geometric model without considering uncertainty, the piles could be inadequate and unsafe., or could be unnecessarily deep due to using excessive safety factors.


Thank you, Nick. Exactly what I was looking for. Now I have a better idea of application and compatibility with various objects/systems.