Error in Pset_Risk

There is a typo in the spelling of ‘Measures’ in Pset_Risk in the schema.
Thought i would highlight it here as ive wasted hours trying to work out why Revit wouldn’t export this parameter into my Pset.

Is there any kind of backlog list of minor issues like this to clean up?


Thanks for reporting. To my knowledge, the is currently no official tracked backlog of issues to cleanup. However, I do keep a close eye on these forums, and I am actively searching for a workflow to turn community issues into actioned changes in the specification. For various reasons, such a workflow is not currently available, but hopefully will be soon.

When that time comes, rest assured I will comb through these forums (which has been a goldmine of community-reported problems with IFC) and get them methodically resolved.


Dan, I think you know who to blame. Just checking, this is ifc4.3?

Ha ha - no attempt at blame Nick!

It is like this in 4.3 but appeared that way in 2.3 as well.

Will there be an ISO 19650-6 do you think? CDM Coordinators in their various guises and names over the years used to love putting H+S info on drawings - PAS1192-6 seems like the right approach for the BIM era.

There is a NWIP (new work item proposal) to create ISO 19650 part 6 in for consideration by the NSB’s (National Standards Bodies) including the other BSI. It is based on the U.K. Pas1192 part 6 (minus any U.K. legislation references) . Given a specific ccessful vote, Work should start in September 2021, on a 3 year path.

The Pset_Risk in ifc4.3 is close to (identical to) the PAS/ISO definition.