Pset/Qto change log


I’m looking for a documentation that trace all changes regarding Pset/Qto from a schema to another.
For instance in IFC 2x3 the property “SubType” of the Pset “Pset_DuctFittingTypeCommon” no longer exist in IFC 4.
Another example with the property “Weight” of the Pset “Pset_AirTerminalTypeCommon” in IFC 2x3. It may became “GrossWeight” in IFC 4, but it is only a thought as this modification is not logged.

Is there any document that store such changes ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Kevin,

sorry for not answering sooner. I did see your post but not answering immediately, I forgot.

Sad news though, IFC2x3 -> IFC4 there was no IfcDoc yet so I am not aware of any official change log generated in the manner that it is currently done. It started from to The change log 2x3 -> was not automatically generated and unfortunately it does not feature all the changes e.g. the ones you listed are not logged.

Maybe @TLiebich or @jonm have access to something in the MSG repository?

Thank you Sergej,

If someone has such document it might be really useful to share !