List of changes between IFC versions?


Is there a list of all the changes that occurred between, for example, IFC2x3 and IFC4? Mostly interested in changes to entities/predefined types. For example, which entities have been renamed or deprecated, what new subtypes have been added or removed, etc. One example: IfcBuildingElement (2x3) was renamed to IfcBuiltElement in IFC4.


@CarlosVasquez The IFC Schema specifications always include the ChangeLog annex.
Here you can check the one (Annex F) within the first IFC Annex F.1.1

Thanks David, exactly what I was looking for. Is there any way to get automatically notified if something is modified/added to the lists? e.g. ongoing IFC4x3 change logs.

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Schema specifications follow a strict versioning protocol, as you probably know, therefore there are not a continuous ongoing change publication, but according to what it is published on the official web database section.

You can always check the buildingSMART · GitHub for latest work.