Pset_MaterialConcrete, Pset_MaterialSteel, Pset_MaterialWood + BasedBeam + BasedPanel have incorrect applicable types

As an example, Pset_MaterialConcrete has an applicable entity of IfcMaterial/Concrete. This does not make sense, as IfcMaterial has no PredefinedType field. This creates problems:

  1. Parsing for applicable entity of IfcMaterial/Concrete will not return any entities.
  2. Pset_MaterialConcrete will never be referenced anywhere in the documentation, so no users will discover it unless they look at the list of psets.

The same problem applies to:

  • Pset_MaterialConcrete
  • Pset_MaterialSteel
  • Pset_MaterialWood
  • Pset_MaterialWoodBasedBeam
  • Pset_MaterialWoodBasedPanel

Potential solutions:

  1. Change applicable entity to IfcMaterial only
  2. Add a predefined type to IfcMaterial (my preferred option, which is solved when rooting materials too!)