IfcPropertySetTemplate definitions for IFC4 have incorrect PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE applicable entities

PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE means it is applicable to both type object and regular objects.

However, the applicable entity only ever states the regular objects. None of these seem to be correctly defined. In some, the enum also seems incorrectly assigned.

Example of incorrect enum assignment - note how IfcActorType doesn’t exist:

#2675= IFCPROPERTYSETTEMPLATE('3trzS0qRmHuO00025QrE$V',$,'Pset_ActorCommon','A property set that enables further classification of actors, including the ability to give a number of actors to be designated as a population, the number being specified as a property to be dealt with as a single value rather than having to aggregate a number of instances of IfcActor.',.PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE.,'IfcActor',(#1448,#239,#2028));

Another example which doesn’t make sense:

#2674= IFCPROPERTYSETTEMPLATE('3KhIU0qRmHuO00025QrE$V',$,'Pset_ActionRequest','An action request is a request for an action to fulfill a need.  HISTORY: IFC4: Removed RequestSourceType, RequestDescription, Status',.PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE.,'IfcActionRequest',(#1846,#1847,#1845));

Here is an example where the applicable type is missing the type object:

#2678= IFCPROPERTYSETTEMPLATE('1KElQ0qRqHuO00025QrE$V',$,'Pset_ActuatorTypeElectricActuator','A device that electrically actuates a control element.',.PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE.,'IfcActuator/ELECTRICACTUATOR',(#45,#582));

Pretty much all of them are missing the type object. Is the application meant to derive the applicable type via the CorrectTypeAssigned WR constraint?

Similarly, QTO_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE seems to be incorrectly assigned. See this example where I would expect typedrivenoverride to be used, but instead I see occurrencedriven:

#3406= IFCPROPERTYSETTEMPLATE('0p50lClkHF$OLKmchSamAx',$,'Qto_AirTerminalBoxTypeBaseQuantities','Base quantities that are common to the definition of all types of air terminal boxes.',.QTO_OCCURRENCEDRIVEN.,'IfcAirTerminalBox',(#3251));