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Persistence of the Welcome banner


I’m finding that even though I click the ‘x’ at the upper right of the “Welcome” banner to dismiss it, the banner returns every time I go to a different section of the forum.

Might it be possible to dismiss the banner for good once it has been read and manually dismissed with the little ‘x’ button?


Let me look into it. I believe that it rests every time you leave and come back. Maybe I can get it to do otherwise.


Thank you sir! Having it not reset on each topic switch would be great.


I’m observing the same, the banner is sticky.
Microsoft Edge browser, every press to F5


same here, Firefox 63.0b6, - no big deal, but it’d be nice if the welcome banner did not persist.

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This is a limit of the banner code. Right now it is not as “smart”. Looking for an alternative option…


I have examined this further Jeffrey and it will appear when users go to a different page - however on scrolling down the banner does not stick at the top with the latest version of Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100, Safari or Firefox.

I will investigate further and see if I can adjust the code.

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The “X” don’t work at all now (Google Chrome Versjon 69.0.3497.100).


Yes. I noticed that as well. I will look into it after the Summit.


same on Firefox (Quantum 63.0 beta)

great, thanks - it’s not important, but… :wink:


Just got an update installed for the Welcome Banner. Let me know if this has addressed everyone’s experiences.


It’s gone.
Thank you :+1:

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The welcome banner seems to be working well now. Thank you Jeff.

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