Forums Updates

You might have noticed some cosmetic changes to the Forums. Discourse has made some changes to the way it handles Theme and Theme Component customization. As such, I’ve had to quickly make some decisions and changes. All the functionality of the old Header is still there, just now in the Footer. I’ve also reconfigured the default display to be the Categories mode, not Latest topics mode.

I may still tweak a couple things here and there, but just let me know if you have any problems.



Just channeling my inner Bowie as I attempt to mentally deal with the disastrous weather situation here in Texas. I hope everyone else is doing

But on a more serious note, you’ll notice a new major Category, “Activities-Projects” where we’ll group all the activities being initiated and projects underway. I hope this makes it easier to find those activities that you are interested in and helps those project leaders communicate, as well. Many of you won’t see EVERY sub-category or topic because some of them are restricted to bSI members and project participants.